Peking to Paris 2016 in a 1966 VW Karmann Ghia, Patrick & Christine Sommer Car 65

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Route 6th Peking to Paris Rally 2016

Route 6th Peking to Paris Rally 2016



Monday, 13 June 2016

Day2 Datong to Erenhot (Inner Mongolia, China)

On this second day of the rally, we have been driving 593 kms from Datong to Erenhot crossing into Inner Mongolia (still in China). We went through a transition from very urban to empty countryside and then into the steppe with Mongolian yurts and small horses grazing.
Tomorrow will be our first night camping and we thought it was wise to make a little rehearsal in our hotel room of the folding of the famous "2 seconds" pop up tent...
Below, a pic of Christine's workplace for the next five weeks and one of our friend Max Stephenson and his wife Julie in their 1926 Vauxhall. We have met Max on the London to Capetown rally (2012).
Tomorrow we cross the border into Mongolia, leave the tarmac roads and have the first timed sections. No post tomorrow, no Internet connection in the Gobi desert. Back in two days from Ulaan Bataar, capital of Mongolia.1


  1. That sounds fantastic. Can't wait to see more from Mongolia. Enjoy!

    PS : that 2 sec tent is a bit tricky to fold back the first few times, but once you'll get the hang of it, you'll be able to fit it back in its back within 30 sec.

  2. Looks great!
    Fingers crossed for the timed section.
    Can't wait to hear back from you with news from mongolia.